Hardscaping New City, NY Hardscapes can add continuity and flow between your house and garden. Such architectural additions to your landscape can be created from concrete, brick, wood, or from concrete pavers and stone. We can create your patio and walkway from whichever material that you feel best meets your personal taste, budget, and your landscaping needs. One material used for building patios and walkways that is currently very popular is interlocking concrete pavers. Concrete pavers can provide a durable and beautiful alternative to concrete or asphalt for patios, walkways, driveways, and fountains. The use of pavers provides numerous options for size, shape, color, and texture. Also, less cracking (as what often happens with concrete) occurs with the use of pavers because the surface is more flexible and able to withstand loads from traffic, wear, and weather. Moreover, if problems underground that require excavation occur, the pavers can simply be removed and later replaced. Our landscape team is just as experienced in the proper design and installation of concrete pavers for your patio and/or walkways as we are with the use of brick, concrete, stone, and wood.

Functional and Long-lasting Hardscapes

Hardscapes serve a lot of functions in any yard, which is why they are present in practically every property. For one, they can turn any outdoor space into a functional spot where family members and guests can relax. They can also increase the property’s resale value since many buyers tend to pay extra dollars for hardscape amenities. Hardscaping contractors like us can also enhance the appeal and overall aesthetics of any landscape since most of the materials used are inherently decorative.

Our company, C.M. Landscaping, creates durable hardscapes by using topnotch materials and following time-tested steps and techniques. All the hardscape features that we build are installed only by qualified people with immense creative juices. Our people work closely with every client to ensure that we’re on the same page – whether it concerns the design or the materials to be used. The results are hardscapes that are functional, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

The Right Hardscape Features for Your Property

At C.M. Landscaping, we recommend only the right hardscapes based on our clients’ overall requirements. By this, we mean ensuring that the hardscape features we design and install can satisfy clients’ needs, lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic taste. Our end goal is always to offer amenities that will make our clients proud and provide them with the benefits that they demand.

Meanwhile, most of the hardscaping projects that we have handled for NY property owners include the design and installation of these amenities and features:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Garden paths
  • Pergolas
  • Retaining walls

Guaranteed Top-quality Hardscape Materials

Unlike other hardscaping companies and contractors who scrimp on the quality of the materials to earn bigger profits, our company ensures that we only get materials from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Whether we’re talking of pavers, blocks, wood, bricks, and masonry materials, you can be sure that we’re using only the finest ones.

Additionally, we have dedicated crews who double check the quality of each material that they use, as well as follow strict installation procedures to avoid back jobs due to poorly constructed hardscape features. In short, we can confidently guarantee long-lasting hardscapes because we only use materials that are of exceptional quality.

Affordable Hardscaping Services

Our company has been offering affordable hardscaping services to our residential and commercial clients. Our objective is to serve as many clients as possible across New York and let them experience the benefits of having well-built outdoor amenities. So please don’t hesitate to call (845) 639-6801 for your inquiries. We’d be happy to serve you soon and create stunning hardscapes for your property.
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