Landscape Enhancement

Landscape Lighting New City, NY Low voltage lighting is the perfect nighttime visual accent to your landscaping or hardscaping project. Not only does it beautify the installation, but it also creates a safer environment for people who may be visiting your property after sundown, by illuminating walkway areas.

We can install a low voltage lighting systems for any project. Please call us today to speak to one of our lighting experts.

Benefits of Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lighting is becoming a popular option for most New York property owners because of the many benefits it offers. For one, a low voltage lighting system that uses LED lights can dramatically reduce your monthly power bill. It is also safer to install and does not pose electrocution hazard to people visiting the landscaped area. This type of lighting system costs cheaper than the line voltage lighting, which make it an attractive option for those with limited budget. The use of LED lights will also give you more savings since the lighting fixtures last longer than traditional lighting, such as incandescent and CFL. There is also a wide variety of lighting designs, so you can easily achieve the ambiance and drama that you want for the outdoor area. And when installed by professionals like us, this is the best landscape enhancement that you can have. Our lighting technicians can come up with unique lighting setup to showcase the beauty of your landscape.

Landscape Lighting Installation and Design

CM Landscaping offers professional landscape lighting design and installation. Our certified lighting technicians work closely with our seasoned landscapers to achieve the best lighting setup for your landscape or outdoor area. We also guarantee the efficient installation of each lighting by using the right type of lights and placing them in strategic spots in the landscape. We will use various lighting techniques to highlight certain features such as garden pathways, driveways and walkways, patios, decks, trees, and water features. These techniques will surely enhance the beauty of your landscaping at night. With our decades of experience in landscape lighting installation, you are guaranteed of a successful landscape enhancement project.

Other Landscape Enhancements

Aside from landscape lighting installation, we also offer other landscape enhancement options. We can take care of landscapes that lack functionality, need aesthetic boost, and require safety and security improvement. We offer cost-effective solutions that will not require a huge budget.

The landscape enhancement projects that we highly recommend for our clients from New City, Hillcrest, West Point, and nearby areas are water and fire features. We install exquisitely designed ponds, waterfalls, fountains, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits. Wood element is another great addition to your landscape. Why not add some wood benches, a pergola, an arbor, or a gazebo in your garden? These are excellent additions to your landscaping but should be installed by professionals like us. Please call us now at (845) 639-6801 to get these features installed in your property.
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