Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repairs New City, NY The efficient functioning of your irrigation system is very critical in maintaining the health and proper growth of your plantings. A simple irrigation problem, when not addressed immediately, can lead to costly repair and maintenance work. You can avoid this scenario by calling one of New York's irrigation specialists - CM Landscaping. For decades, we have been providing professional sprinkler repair services to residential and commercial clients in the state. Our working solutions are effective in preventing costly damage to landscape plantings and vital irrigation components.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your irrigation or sprinkler system, please call us today. We will immediately send our irrigation technicians to check your system and identify the issues and other possible cause of the problem. As mentioned, we offer effective and outright solutions to all kinds of irrigation problems. We can handle water leaks, malfunctioning control valves, damaged pipes, and other issues that may affect the proper functioning of your watering system. Our sprinkler repair team is fully equipped with the right tools and equipment, so the necessary repairs are performed onsite. We also bring replacement parts and components onsite to avoid delays in the completion of the repair task. Our service areas include New City, Spring Valley, Hillcrest, Peekskill, Monroe, West Point, and surrounding areas.

Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

Most property owners neglect the importance of a well-thought-out sprinkler repair and maintenance program. Usually, water leaks and other major irrigation issues are only detected after a sudden increase in water consumption. This can be avoided by letting a professional team handle the repair and maintenance needs of your irrigation system. At CM Landscaping, we will create a preventative maintenance program to prevent the frequent breakdowns of your irrigation system. By ensuring the optimum function of your irrigation, your turf and other plantings will be irrigated at the right time and interval. This will result in a healthy green turf and lush landscaping that can resist common diseases and pest infestation.

Here the common sprinkler issues that we typically handle here at CM Landscaping:

  • leaking sprinkler heads and valves
  • broken pipes
  • malfunctioning timer boxes
  • broken sprinkler heads
  • damaged pressure vacuum breaker
  • defective irrigation sensors and controllers
  • low water pressure issues

Affordable Sprinkler Repair Service

We highly recommend our complete irrigation maintenance package to busy homeowners and business owners. Since we take good care of all the repair and maintenance needs of your irrigation, you can devote your precious time on more important tasks. You can also save on maintenance cost since we perform the necessary repairs before they become worst. But if you don't want to be tied up in a contract, you can also avail our sprinkler repair service on a per call basis. Just tell us your specific concern and we will send our technicians to check your irrigation or sprinkler system. The best thing about hiring us is that we offer our professional services at client-friendly rates.

At CM Landscaping, you are assured of affordable but topnotch sprinkler repair service. Please call us now at (845) 639-6801.
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