Sprinkler Installation

Sprinkler Installation New City, NY An effective irrigation system is often a crucial feature in your landscape. A poor watering schedule or no watering schedule can lead to poor plant growth or dead and dying plant material. Moreover, an irrigation system set to a timer can be a huge savings through the conservation of water as your plants, shrubbery, trees, and lawn can be timed to get the correct amount of water needed. Plus, an irrigation system set to a timer can also be a valuable time saver in areas that have very specified watering restrictions. An irrigation system can be set to water your landscape in the overnight hours when more water will be absorbed by your landscape rather than just evaporated into the air.

Our landscaping team can install a new irrigation/sprinkler system for you. We can also help you to refurbish, maintain, or extend an existing irrigation system.

Reliable Sprinkler Installation

At CM Landscaping, we will carefully design your irrigation system and ensure its efficiency by installing premium-grade components. We can guarantee this kind of result because of our experienced and licensed irrigation installers. Our people are well-trained in the design and installation of different types of landscape irrigation systems. In fact, we have already completed countless sprinkler installation projects in residential properties across the state. Even if the project involves installing an automated sprinkler system for an upscale property or commercial space, we can always meet the expectation of our clients. Our expertise in this field is honed by our more than three decades of experience in landscape development and installation. Before we start a project, we first consider some important factors such as the number of zones in your lawn, the kind of plantings, and the topography of the area. We also update our people about the latest development and innovations in the field of landscape irrigation. If you want a new feature for your irrigation or you need to upgrade the entire system, just contact us. We can work on your request and guarantee a hassle-free installation.

Topnotch Irrigation Products and Materials

CM Landscaping is committed to provide our valued clients with quality services and products. We fulfill our promise by using only top-rated irrigation products and materials on our sprinkler installation projects. Whether you are residing in New City or Stony Point, we always adhere to this quality policy. We make sure that the vital components of your sprinkler system are made from the finest materials available. We use products and materials from leading brands like RainBird, Toro, and Hunter. Some of the components that we get from these manufacturers include rotary and sprinkler heads, control valves, risers, PVC pipes, shutoff valves, sensors, timers, and controllers. These brands offer innovative products that improve the efficiency of your irrigation system. By using these products on your irrigation, we can help you save on water consumption. Since the components are durable and long-lasting, the need for frequent repair and maintenance is dramatically reduced. This will give you huge savings in the long run.

Our sprinkler installation service has been tried and tested by countless satisfied clients from New City and surrounding areas. They commend us for our ability to create water-efficient sprinkler systems that can withstand the harsh outdoor environment. If you are one of those who are still looking for a reliable sprinkler installer, please call us right now at (845) 639-6801. Let us design and build the perfect irrigation system for your landscape.
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